Cedar Fence

Our Eastern White Cedar Program

Year after year, Eastern White Cedar is ranked among the most preferred fence products in the Northeast.

The SPEC panel program combines the advantages of expert craftsmanship with the highest quality components. It provides an extensive range of products to choose from that can be shipped on a single load. Our service begins at the mills where our products are manufactured. We visit the mills on a regular basis to guarantee customers consistent quality and continuous supply. Our program provides unmatched options in custom designs, combinations, and special prefabricated construction. With SPEC you know that what you order will arrive as ordered! The laborsaving advantages of the SPEC Eastern White Cedar panel system make it more competitive than ever.


Our highly successful marketing approach relies on establishing partnerships with suppliers and customers. We assure the quality at the mill before merchandise ships to customers. The close relationship between our suppliers and our team guarantees consistency in every load, in every bundle, and in every grade.