Market Update and Lumber 2019-02-27

Posted by on March 11, 2019

Snowed in!

It seems that we have two seasons here in Northeastern Canada: last winter and next winter! This winter has been particularly cold and
snow falls have been abundant. March usually offers more snow and sometimes frozen rain.

The log situation is good for most mills here up North, except for a couple mills that will have to close for 2 to 3 weeks.

The situation in Pennsylvania and Virginia is really difficult and the log supply varies from «a few days ahead to a couple weeks max»

SPF precut prices are picking up again. Record high cutstock prices in June were followed by a long and fast free fall. Then in December prices started to firm up.
We are now half way to the record June prices and precut SPF supply is tight, really tight.

The Hardwood precut and cant situation will not improve until at least June or July…if it improves.

Aspen board supply is tight and aspen stringers are available but at firm prices. Aspen precut could be the solution this spring.

We suggest ordering 3 to 5 weeks ahead to secure supply. In a few weeks prices will not be the main priority: availability will be the key.